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It was time for my bi-monthly check-in with MMDA again and I put it off until the last day. Given what happened last time I called (see Maybe It Was Me post from April) I was not looking forward to it. I am happy to report though that the person I spoke to this time was very nice and very professional and offered no judgments about my diabetes care. Phew!

Now maybe I will actually answer the phone when they call in August instead of having to call them back before they discontinue my free supplies.

The exercising is going really well. We are going consistently and this morning I was given the last pieces of my Full Body Workout by the lovely trainer and now I will be spending close to 2.25 hours at the gym in the morning (warm-up, 45 minutes cardio, abs, strength (arms 3 days, legs 2 days), stretching then showering and getting ready for work - Whoo Hoo! Snark-asm aside, I feel good when I am actually working out and feel better about myself. It’s the only the beginning so I am not yet obsessed with seeing results, and I know that takes time. I am sleeping better (but that could be the Requip) but I am still very sleepy most of the day at work. Yesterday I actually fell asleep at my desk for about 10 minutes. Frustrating because I thought this whole exercise thing was supposed to make you less tired?!?

Now the diabetes care on the other hand is in maintenance mode. Not fabulous, not horrible. It feels like I can only concentrate on so many things at once and the whole exercise thing and 6 week summer class have taken up my allotment. The exercise should be a habit now & the summer class is over this Tuesday so after that it’s time to concentrate on those blood sugars.


cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

love the look of your blog.
thats alot of gym time, well done. i must start up my exercise again. my aim is the start of july,.

melissa said...

Thank you! Wiht the help of PsycHo, I did it myself.
My sister & I made a commitment to lose weight and get healthier so we are putting in the time - it's musch easier to do when you are doing it for someone (my sis) in additon to for yourself.
Good luck with your exercise!