I Got It!

Remember that job that I didn’t get that I thought would be perfect for me?

Well.... 5 months later I did get it. (Can’t help breaking into a stupid grin here)

I have known for almost a week now but it didn’t seem real yet and I guess I was a bit superstitious in that I thought if I blogged about it, it might not come to fruition. My notice has been put in at my current-boring-job (that-I-sort of-fell-until-where-the-benefits-are-good- and-the-people-are-really-nice-but-it’s-time-to-move-on) and my last day there is this Friday. In a word YIPPEE!!! The announcement has been mad to the whole church and a good-bye lunch is planned for this Wednesday. Most of the family & friends know. I have a start date at the new place. I am super excited. I guess it really is happening.

You are probably wondering where and what this job is. I will be the Coordinator for the Cleveland area chapter of the American Diabetes Association! I have met at least some of the people in the office over the years through my involvement with the annual walk and am excited to work with these fun, positive people. Of course I will still be doing some office work and administrative duties but it will for a cause that I am passionate and knowledgeable about. I will also get to do more hands-on type stuff.

This job just feels so right. When I was a kid the only thing I ever wanted to do as far as a career was to help kids with diabetes or run a camp for kids with diabetes. Well this job is not either of those exactly but it sure is closer than what I have been doing and I can’t wait.