How is it possible to love so much, a little tiny person you haven't even met yet? My sister is 8 months pregnant and I just saw her last weekend. I could not contain my excitement for this baby on the way; I just had to keep touching her 'belly', kissing it and letting baby know that her Aunt Melissa can't wait to meet her! Already, I know that I would do anything to help this tiny person and feel fiercely protective of her. Yes, we do know that she will be a girl thanks to chromosome testing. Madeline Grace is the forerunner for names but do you every really know until you lay eyes on them? My sister was getting slightly annoyed with all us fussing about her, telling her not to do anything, but it was all out of love and she knew that. This will be the first grandchild/niece for my family of origin so we are especially thrilled.

The other night, as I was thinking girly thoughts about ‘Maddy’, how cut she will be, wondering if she had any idea how much she is already loved an awful thought came rushing in: would she have a higher risk of developing diabetes because of me? Out of all the things I could pass along the next generation diabetes never, ever made the cut. I would rather give any of my other faults, but not diabetes. As I pondered this I was calmed by the thoughts that would have to be a cure before Maddy would even have to worry about it. Right? Then I remembered what I was told growing up about when there would be a cure and how that time has come and gone. Still no cure.

At least little Maddy will have an aunt and a family who is experienced in living with diabetes to help her every step of the way if she should happen to develop diabetes but I am really hoping that she doesn’t have to deal with it…no one should.


David Edelman said...

Melissa, you definitely have nothing to do with your little niece's baby chance of developing diabetes! Your parents might have had a genetic pre-disposition they passed on to you and your sis who then might pass it on. But even then, it only increases the odds. Diabetes is only partially hereditary. So don't you dare have any guilt!

That said, you are indeed an excellent resource in the off chance that she developed diabetes. She's lucky to have you. :)

Anonymous said...

It is possible to truly love someone you've not yet met. I love Madeline, too. I am so anxious for her to be here. As part of her family, and a totally objective observer, I think she's getting a damn fine deal in terms of relatives. There are only a couple crazy folks and they're a kind of cute crazy, not really crazy, crazy. In addition, she has Aunts by the dozens, real and honorary, who are some of the most amazing women I know. Women who have talents and skills and life experience that will help our lovely Maddy through anything life can throw at her. My heart is full just thinking about all the wonderful people who make up my family and my extended family and I certainly include you right at the tippy-top of those who make me really glad to be who I am.