I (insert your personal favorite expletive for hate here) lows!!!!!

I was jolted from a peaceful sleep at around 5:30 this morning by my throbbing hand. This is my body’s newest way of telling me I am low. I fall out of bed, do the requisite b.s., guzzle juice and burrow back under the covers since lows make me extremely cold. I don’t technically need to get up until 7:00 to get ready and leave the house by 8:15 to make it to work on time so I stay in bed with the morning news on drifting in & out of sleep. Next thing I know I look at the clock and it reads 8:00…SHIT! I jump out of bed, and start running around frantically trying to get ready in record time. I look at the clock again and it read 8:15 but in my mind it registers as 7:15 so I slow down and continue to get ready at my regular pace. I feel a little groggy from my earlier low (which was 70 and really wasn’t that low) and feel a low headache coming on but not too bad.

I make coffee and have some cereal, which I bolus for without checking my blood sugar again. At some point during my getting ready for the day I glance at the clock and it reads 8:45 but in my mind registers 7:45 and think, I’m doing o.k. on time. I get in the Jeep, turn the key and the radio clock reads 8:58. What the %$&@? It finally processes correctly. I am supposed to be at work right now! What happened? I guess I should have checked again when I woke up for the second time.

Needless to say I was quite late to work and the day hasn’t gotten any more normal. My low headache has reached epic proportions (no thanks to the drilling of concrete going on right outside the front door), my blood sugar has rebounded, my sense of time is completely out of whack and I am getting the strangest inquiries and requests from visitors to the church today.

“Where would I find my doctor, in the Yellow Pages or the White Pages?”

“Is my name in your historical book? I think my mother was one of the founders.” Keep in mind that this particular church was founded in 1820.

“What is the name of that restaurant across the alley from that one restaurant around the corner from you? I will need a little more information to help you since there are several restaurants and a couple of alleys right nearby as this is a downtown church.

“I was there last Sunday and I dropped some change…did you find it? My name is _______”

“If I sign up to volunteer, how much will you pay me?”

“Got any soap?”

Ah, the joys of working at a downtown church with a mind hazy from being low.


Anonymous said...

I used to be a singer at your church... Can you still hear me? I hope your day has gotten better. Thanks for going shopping with me last night. It was great fun.

Johnboy said...

I am a singer at a church, but not your church...and I am a fellow hater of lows.

Keep on testing! :)

Kelsey said...

I get freezing cold as my blood sugar rises too! What's up with that?! And I fall into the deepest sleep after a middle of the night low and usually oversleep. What fun!

melissa said...

Nope, sorry I cannot still here you..well at least not here :)

Church singers are cool!

Kelsey - I have no idea what exaclty causes the getting cold after a low but I think I'm going to have to check it out.

Angie said...

Is that why my daughter can't get out of bed in the morning? I thought it was a teen thing! I never thought about it being related to her diabetes. I am so glad I have been reading these blogs. I have been dealing with this disease for 4 years now and still feel like I am clueless. Thanks!