Girly stuff, lows, and laughter

Let me first say that I love my doctor. She is my primary care doc, internist or whatever you call the one who handles anything that is not diabetes. At least now that I actually have an Endo, but before I had an Endo she helped me with that, too. This doc is young, hip, friendly, knowledgeable, very willing to try new treatments, and just someone you could picture being friends with. She will also do all the ‘girl stuff’ (pap, breast exam, etc.) that is recommended yearly.

I had an appt. this week to see her for a consultation about some prescriptions, my trouble sleeping, and to have the dreaded girly exam. I was not looking forward to that part of the appt. at all. It has been years since I had any of this recommended stuff done and by the time the appt. rolled around I was questioning the wisdom of having everything done by the same person. I worked myself into such a tizzy over this appt. that I was a shaky, sweaty, elevated heart rate mess by the time the doc came into the exam room. I had to admit that I was nervous about the appt. and she couldn’t believe how frazzled I actually was about this appt. Her: “You come here all the time, Melissa.” Me “Yeah, but I usually get to keep my clothes on.” Her: “You are really sweating.” A light bulb goes off in my head and I do a blood sugar while trying to keep the handkerchief sized gown secure. Yup, I was low.

We both laughed at my getting so worked up that I made myself low over a simple exam.

You have to laugh at yourself or you’ll cry your eyes out….

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Elizabeth said...

I HATE those appointments! My friend and I used to go to the same gyno in Denver (who diagnosed my diabetes) and she told us both (on separate occasions) that we had nice posteriors! It's great when you can take such an uncomfortable situation like that and laugh though!