Interviewee Answers

Here is my interview by Art Sweet:

When did you know that your husband was The One?
Honestly, I think even before our first date. I am the one who asked him out first and I remember thinking that I had to be ready before I did so, ready for something big. In many ways it didn’t make sense because we are different in many ways but I just knew.

Is there anything you'd like to do, but haven't done because of your diabetes?
It’s hard to decipher whether it was the diabetes or just me that has kept me from doing things…

What do you hope to do once you're done with school?
Anything but the boring job I am currently in. Finishing school for me is more about actually finishing that goal than the result. Officially my degree will in Marketing. This was a decision made spur of the moment right around the time I did not get the job with ADA that I desperately wanted & I thought that a marketing degree could help with getting a job doing fundraising or such for diabetes. Bottom line, I want a job that means something to me, that I am passionate about.

What's the best thing about living where you live?
Family & friends nearby.

How often do you see/talk to your family?
My sister who lives in town I talk to a couple times a week and see just about weekly.
My parents I try to talk to once a week and see them every couple of months.
My sister in Chicago I probably talk to once or twice a month and see a couple times a year, although it’s been more often lately with her baby on the way, and my wedding last year.
My in-laws are all in town as well so I talk to & see them fairly often.
The few aunts, uncles and cousins that I have I only see on special occasions but thanks to my mom keeping in contact with them I get info on what they are up to.

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