I: Meme

I am: “32 flavors and then some”
I want: to not want anymore
I wish: life were more simple
I hate: having to wait
I miss: the carefree days of childhood
I fear: complications
I hear: the drone of computers and the blah, blah, blah of my teacher
I wonder: if this class will ever end
I regret: much more than I should
I am not: alone in this fight against diabetes
I dance: alone when I am cleaning
I sing: whatever song is stuck in my head and it usually an annoying song
I cry: usually about or due to diabetes
I am not always: the person I want to be
I make with my hands: the cats purr, a gift for a friend, fat-free veggie dip for Easter
I write: what’s on my mind
I confuse: want & need more than I should
I need: security and he is my security
I should: take better care of myself
I start: many things
I finish: few
I tag: everyone


Anonymous said...

Love the fat-free veggie dip! YUMMY! I wish life was simpler, too.

Anonymous said...

I: anonymous
I am: Bright Eyes favorite flavor
I want: to provide for you
I wish: it was me not you
I hate: not being with you
I miss: you
I fear: life without you
I hear: wonderful life music with you
I wonder: just to wonder
I regret: no regrets with you
I am not: I am your sidekick in this two person show
I dance: only with you
I sing: but I shouldn't
I cry: men don't cry ... or do we?
I am not always: the best husband (but I try)
I make with my hands: a life for us
I write: not much
I confuse: I am not cinfused with you
I need: more hours of daylight
I should: eat less
I start: home projects
I finish: well all most finish
I tag: only you Bright Eyes