Every now & again this whole diabetes thing gives me a good laugh. Not
often, but once in great while. The other day on my way to work I was
doing what I often do: multi-tasking. In this case it meant I wasn't
quite ready to leave the house when I actually had to leave the house to
make it to work on time. What this usually means is that I am doing my
blood sugar, bolusing and having breakfast as I commute. I did the
glucose test fine (only one noticable swerve) and moved onto bolusing. This is a bitmore tricky since I live in Cleveland where the winters are cold and it is necessary to bundle up, and I also had my seatbelt securely fastened. My pump is hooked to my belt on my right side, under my coat, under my thick sweater, all strapped under my safety belt. In the interest of safety, I did not unbuckle before digging out my pump to bolus. Somehow I managed to find my pump and pull it up to where I could I see the screen and use my Bolus Wizard to set an amount, all the while trying desperately to not let any bare skin be exposed as it was COLD.

The reattaching of my pumpwas what got messy. I got the pump totally tangled through not only both parts of the seatbelt but also my belt. With no slack left in the tubing, the pump dangling somewhere near my lap and after I was reasonably sure that I was still in fact attached to the pump, to avoid any further annoyance I left it to deal with once I arrived at work and concentrated on driving.

Reaching my destination I went to reach for my bag on the passenger seat I simultaneously remembered that I was completely tangled up in my pump and looked down and saw the tubing tangled around the seatbelt & I simply laughed. I laughed out loud, all by myself, in my car. Not just a small giggle of amusement, but more a huge, stomach-clenching, tears in my eyes laugh. To this day, I still do not quite know how I got my tubing as
tangled as I did but it still makes me smile.

Note: I had to disconnect and pull the pump out of its clip before I could unwind it form the seatbelt and then actually take off my seatbelt.
Miraculously the tubing was not damaged.

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Elizabeth said...

I have done the exact same thing! Somehow, my pump fell in between my seat and the middle of my car and got stuck! I had to take the pump off and retrieve it from under my seat. Now, I have learned to do it before or not bother trying to put it back on. I will normally just put it in my pocket of my coat.

And it was cold yesterday. Really cold. Don't you just LOVE Cleveland?