What Do You Think?

So since I have gotten so many warm congrtulations and people saying they are in my cheering section, I feel like I do have my very own cheering section. This has helped me immensly. Thank you all.
On a lighter note, I was thinking that perhaps my 'cheering seciton' should have uniforms. What do you think of these?

and I didn't forget the guys


LindsayS said...

I am not sure that blue and orange are my colors...can we do blue and pink perhaps? teehee

cass said...

ummm.... trying to come up with a great diabetes cheer but for some reason my talents have gone with the highschool uniforms.

"yeah! for sure!
i just got a low blood sug-ar.

these shots, i swear,
are ru-i-ning my outer layer.

rah! rah! fight! fight! gee i hope i don't go low tonight"

Scott K. Johnson said...


I'm more of a hot pink kind of guy, skirt and all...


As long as I don't have to wear spandex, any colors you choose will be just fine...


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Well I am definitely part of your cheering squad - but forget that out fit! Kevin"s logsheets are tremendous for showing trends - another little step to get you on the right path. Anybody who likes peanutbutt er as much as I do has to be on the right team! He-ja Meli-ssa!

julia said...

I would scare small children and farm animals if I put that on.

If it comes in black with a skirt down to the ankles, I'm there. But that cute, peppy number? Not really me.

Elizabeth said...

Ha ha ha ha I love it!