Catch Up

I feel like I haven’t written anything in a while. Diabetes sometimes just gets lost in the crazy web of life. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say that when life gets busy I tend to ignore the ‘betes more. Life is happening, I am living it and I just don’t want to deal with diabetes. For more on that check out Scott’s post. Here’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods:

1. I have been busy with school. I am taking a 6 week summer class so it’s a ton of work but very interesting.
2. Yard work – not very exciting but the yard looks good thanks mostly to my husband.
3. Work has been busy which is uncharacteristic for my job. Lots of “not quite right” people stopping, calling and generally making shake my head in wonder.
4. My most recent obsession of making my blog’s appearance reflect who I am has taken up quite a bit of time. I like what you see here better than the green but I am not done.
5. Getting up at 5 a.m. four days this week to go the gym!!!! Yes, my sister (otherwise known as ‘Anonymous’ on this blog) and I have been getting up early, doing the elliptical, trying not to injure ourselves on the machines, then showering, dressing etc. and heading to work. We are quite pleased with ourselves and plan to continue our morning routine.

So, true to my crazy way of rationalizing things, I figured that since I was getting all this exercise so it was okay to not test that much and slack off even more than usual on the diabetes front. My blood sugar mid-morning today proved me wrong: 512! That is way high even for me. Surprisingly, I did not feel as awful as I would have that. That number is really not going to help to lower my A1c at all.

This weekend I am going to Toledo for the annual OWE Festival (historic house tours, art fair, junk food, neighborhood wide garage sales, people watching and porch sitting) so paying attention to diabetes will not be easy but I am going to give it the old college try!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! Big change in the look of the site! Very colorful! The font in the post seems very small to me though - kind of hard for me to read. The colors in the post area are good, but for some reason the contrast between the blue text on the red background hurts me peepers a bit. I hope I'm not offending - just sharing my impression... tell me to jump in a lake if necessary.

And I'm not stalking you - I'm just stuck at work after 5pm on a Friday - so when I got a notice that one of my OC buddies has posted, I jumped right on it! (feeling a need to explain my quick comment only after 10 minutes of the post hitting the streets!)

I let my control slide down the "priority scale" when things get busy too. Hard to focus on that when the rest of life is doing it's thing!

Great job on the exercise! That's simply super!

julia said...

I like the template. Did you do red drops on purpose? They look like my daughter's sheets, after a week of night testing. :D

The font is a bit small, but I like the colour.

That yard sale/art fair/junk food thing sounds like a blast!