Life is Good

I was looking back over my blog & it occurred to me that people reading may find my posts depressing or negative. The may wonder if I am just a cranky person. The answer is a resounding “NO!” In reality I am a fairly cheerful, happy person. I am not one of those people walking around with a huge grin on my face, but I am, for the most part a happy person. When I give myself a break & actually think about it – I have a great life:
· Wonderful, supportive husband
· A job with great benefits
· 2 adorable cats (and Beagle)
· A nice home with an awesome kitchen that my husband built for me
· Great encouraging & supportive family & friends
· Only 40 more credit hours of school & I will have a degree!
· New job prospects

· This amazing ‘family’ of d-bloggers for diabetes support & encouragement
· A ton of hard life lessons under my belt that I have learned from
· Choices

And most of all I have hope for a better future. I’ve hit a bad patch as of late but things will get better, I just know it.

As I commented over at Scott’s blog, I may actually try to Eat Well, Exercise & Pay Attention to My Diabetes for a whole week & see if I feel better (less depressed, lethargic & head-achey). We'll see!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I don't find your blog or posts depressing or negative and I don't think you're a cranky person.

Blogs are a perfect place to let things out and get them off your chest. We all have frustrations, and it's only natural to express them.

I would not want to read your blog if it was all sugarcoated half-truths. I say, let it be what it be! Knowhatimean?

I tried another new thing today. It was a store bought frozen bean, cheese & rice burrito. I didn't like it to much. Wanna know why? This is so silly - but I found some little chunks of green somethings in it, and didn't like them. I also didn't like the seasoning of it. BUT - I tried it, and would make my own at home (eliminating the yucky stuff..).

I'm worse than a little kid when it comes to eating. :-)

George said...

I agree with Scott. Let it all out! I feel the same way sometimes but WE ALL DO and your blog is the perfect place to express that!

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures of the pets! They are so cute!