Beep, bop, beep

I was feeling good about this interview. I scored the interview through the reference of a friend. I was able to finagle it to come for the interview the same day they called. I was not nervous as I was for the last job I interviewed for since I was not sure this was even a job I would want.

The walk over to their office was miserable as it was cold and very windy and I had on heels for the interview. I made it there okay albeit a bit windblown, flushed and vowing never to wear heals if I needed to walk more than a block again. I was impressed by the fancy office complete with a great view of the lake

I nailed the first round of questions and was please with myself. The two women interviewing seemed to like my answers as well. Then things to a downward turn…

“Beep, bop, beep”

Shit, shit, shit. My pump is beeping! You have got to be kidding me. Nice timing.

They look to see where the sound is coming from and I try to pretend I heard nothing. Instinctively I reach for the pump on my hip and realize that I was wearing it on my bra since I was not wearing a belt. Is there any way I can possibly cancel the alarm through my clothing without looking like I am fiddling with my chest? Negative. Maybe it will not beep again.

“Beep, bop, beep”

I don’t want my interviewers to think it is my cell phone but I can’t tell them I have diabetes and wear an insulin pump in an interview. What to do? I pretend not to hear it and speak up when it chimes. They look at me quizzically but say nothing. We conclude the interview with the normal pleasantries and they say it will be at least a week before they contact me. I walk back to work cursing my pump & my choice of footwear.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh goodness! The timing is just incredible.

You mean you didn't want to reach down your bra and fiddle with your "equipment" during an interview? (Sorry, couldn't resist!!)

I chuckle when I picture you trying to talk over the beeps! Very funny!

melissa said...

After the fact I had quite of few laughs about the whole thing. I figured that fiddling with anything in that general vicinity would be bad. The talking over the beeps wasn't so bad, it was the trying to keep a straight face & act as if it were nothing.

Looking forward to yoru next contest - I love prizes :)

art-sweet said...

oh this sucks.

what bad timing!

I hope they were so impressed with you otherwise they didn't care that you had a beeping bra!

Erica said...

oh man that sucks... Keeping my finger's x'd anyway. And making a mental note to turn ALL alarms to vibrate prior to an interview LOL